Open Networking (R)Evolution

Disaggregation of software and hardware in modern networks is leading the industry forward! The choice of Open networking OS solutions and standardized white box hardware provides companies with a significantly more efficient, customizable ICT platforms, with CAPEX and OPEX reduction of up to 40%!


Open networking software for the modern data center

Globally leading open network OS solutions enable unprecedented automation, significant CAPEX savings, customized operations, and extreme scalability for your data center.

Edge to Core - We Got You covered!

Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, ML and AI on the Edge, 5G, Wi-Fi, Big Data,..
From now on you have a reference point to rely upon, and complete eco-system of partners needed for the new business dimension!

One Step Ahead

Implementing new business models for long-term profitability

SDN, NFV and Cloud Technologies

Make use of new technologies to create innovative services

Open Networking Supply Chain Eco-System

Your point of reference for conquering new markets

Edge to Core Solutions

Solutions for each network segment and for each business case


Information Security & Data Protection

IT Asset & Service Management Software Solutions
Phishing Prevention
Priviledged Access Management

Modern cyber-attacks are no longer based on hack-in, but on the log-in principle! Privileged access, phishing prevention, and complete IT asset & service management software solutions allow you to keep up with technology that protects your business.


By cooperating with globally-leading manufacturers in the field of Open Networking, Software-Defined Networking, Cyber & Physical Security solutions, for the integrator partners and for the end customers we supply top quality and highly scalable solutions optimized for the modern business environments.

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