About us

About us

Upstream ICT Alliance is leading regional community of ICT & Security professionals in the SEE region. Created in response to the noticeable noise that flooded all regions in the form of an explosion of offers of various equipment and solutions of questionable quality, ICT Alliance helps the market, customers and especially IT departments of companies to be able to choose adequate solutions through education and objective information open and innovative technologies.

Since its inception in 2009, the Upstream ICT Alliance’s business has initially focused on the IP security solutions segment. After establishing cooperation with leading vendors in this domain such as Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, Avigilon, Hikvision,.. and after the implementation of numerous projects in cooperation with our partners, we created and launched a regional industrial portal https://videonadzor.net – formed to objectively report on industry, technological progress and problems in the sector, but also to promote further education and meet professional supply and market demand.

In the segment of integrated IP security solutions over the next 10 years we have developed an eco-system of partnerships with integrator companies, as well as distributors of professional IP solutions, so that today with a wide network of partners in the region we can efficiently serve all specific customer needs.

Professional engagement in the field of planning, design and implementation of IP security solutions for large customers has naturally integrated us into ICT infrastructure projects and data center operations. In this segment, we are not guided by mainstream vendor lock-in solutions, instead we’re leading the Open Networking and Software-Defined Networking (r)evolution for modern data centers of telecom companies, for hyper-scaled data center companies, as well as for enterprise, corporate and industrial environments.

For the needs of education and informing the market segment in the field of ICT infrastructure and cyber protection solutions, we have created and launched the portal https://egdecore.rs – which aims primarily to create a knowledge base when it comes to Open Networking and SDN technologies – globally seen as the next ICT revolution. Additionally, we aim to offer support to all interested customers and the market, in cooperation with authorized integrator partners in this segment, in the planning, design and implementation of innovative Open Networking and SDN solutions for modern data centers.

In cooperation with Upstream ICT Alliance, customers and our regional market receives a reference point for:

Software-Defined Networking solucije

Integrated IP security systems and solutions

CORD (Central Office Re-architectured as Data Center) Solutions

Open Networking Hardware System Solutions

IoT, IIoT, AI, Wi-Fi Solutions

The distribution portfolio we have developed over the years with globally leading vendors serves our partners and customers to work together to create innovative, practical, scalable and flexible data center solutions, with a focus on reducing costs and improving professional services and services distributed to end users.

Upstream ICT Alliance supports the development of the Open Network Foundation (ONF), a foundation founded by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo. ONF aims to promote the value of software-defined-networking (SDN) -based networking, standardize OpenFlow protocols, and correspondent technologies.
The Open Network Foundation for setting standards and promoting SDN technologies was formed with the knowledge that cloud computing will further bring closer and blur the differences between computers and computer networks. The ONF initiative aims to accelerate innovation through simple software changes in telecommunications networks, wireless networks, data centers and other computing environments.