Edge to Core

Edge to Core

New Business

We live in a time when the accelerated development of technology effectively creates new business models and enables the realization of new profitable branches for companies that keep pace with technology changes. Companies who develop the ability to intelligently use Big Data, IoT solutions, Cloud computing and AI – will become leaders in the new era of business and will have the opportunity to position their business on long-term profitable market models.

Upstream ICT Alliance helps companies and service providers to create new applications, solutions and innovative business models with the help of globally leading vendors, open technology and with system integrators with extensive experience, to always be one step ahead of the major undergoing changes across the industries.

Starting from 2020, Wi-Fi traffic represents 50% + of the total realized IP traffic, and 65% of traffic from mobile networks will be transferred to Wi-Fi or small-cell networks by 2021

With significant growth, since 2020 the number of IoT devices worldwide is 20 billion. The demand for Wi-Fi solutions of adequately larger throughput capacities is growing exponentially.

New Solutions for New Customers and New Quality

Examples of excellence business practice show us the relevance of mastering and applying new technologies, especially in relation to existing and new customers, but also especially when the company’s general strategy for conquering new markets is in place.

Advanced and capacitive Wi-Fi solutions for hotels, campuses, cities are able to provide their visitors and residents with a premium experience in accordance with the increased throughput needs, characteristic of today’s traffic volume.

AI solutions for smart cities help both citizens and city management. The development of AI practical applications makes life in cities better and more appropriate for fast living conditions. At the same time, AI solutions improve various open issues for city management, from increasing safety in the city and traffic, to analysis and telemetry of consumption of various resources from public lighting, electricity distribution, water supply network, etc.

In addition, business organizations and companies, whether coming from the retail, industrial, manufacturing or service sectors, using IoT, IIoT, and AI solutions are able to look at operational challenges from a different perspective, as well as provide added value to the market. This is reflected through creation of better or completely new services, products and professional service deployments.

Eco-System of Partners for New Business Dimensions

In cooperation with ICT alliance partners, the experienced-reliable integrator companies, for more than 15 years the Upstream ICT Alliance has been helping companies, ISPs and service providers in the domains of planning, designing, implementing and maintaining advanced ICT solutions.

With multi-disciplinary experience in ICT-related areas, from physical security IP video surveillance systems, video analytics and AI algorithmic solutions, through cyber security solutions, ICT infrastructure projects, Open Networking, SDN solutions for data centers, IoT and Wi- Fi Solutions – Together with our integrator partners and globally-leading vendors – we’re providing infrastructural and comprehensive support to the market and to customers across Central and Eastern Europe region.

Edge to Core Solutions

If you are planning an Edge to Core project for your own company needs, or you would create a partnership with the Upstream ICT Alliance to support the advance of the market in the field of IoT, IioT, AI, 5G, Wi-Fi, Big Data,… – We will be happy to engage with you about it.

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