Information Security & Data Protection

Information Security & Data Protection

Centrify Solutions

Zero Trust Privilege Services

Centrify redefines conventional Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege
to secure modern corporate environments and to stop cyber attacks at their root – by abusing privileged approaches.

Zero Trust Privilege professional services help companies and organizations approve the least privileged approach based on verification of who is seeking access, the context of the request, and risk assessment of the access environment. By implementing the least privileged approach, Centrify minimizes the potential area of ​​attack, while at the same time improving IT audit and compliance, reducing risk, complexity and costs for a modern hybrid company business.

Centrify solutions by domain of business initiative:

– Breach Avoidance
– Compliance
– Industry Regulations
– Federal Regulations
– State and Local Regulations
– IT Modernization
– Outsourced IT
– Risk Reduction
– Zero Trust

Centrify solutions by solution options:

– Privileged Access Compliance Auditinng
– Privileged Access Manageent
– Privileged Identity & Access Management
– Privileged Account & Session Management
– Privileged Elevation & Delegation Management
– Secure Remote Access

Ivanti Solutions


Ivanti is a company headquartered in Salt Lake City, US, in the region also known as the “next Silicon Valley”. Employing over 1,700 people, Ivanti IT software is used today by 78 Fortune 100 companies. The company’s IT departments use Ivanti to combine internal IT service management, asset management, IT security, endpoint management and supply chain capabilities. Ivanti’s mission is clear – to help companies and organizations succeed through the power of unified IT solutions.

In today’s world, IT has become quite closed. At the same time, IT professionals are bombarded with information. The lack of communication between tools and teams only further increases risk and cost, slowing down the IT department’s response, and leaving customers and their business environments at risk. At the same time, IT security risks are growing rapidly.

Ivanti is changing the IT setting by breaking the concept of closure in the IT industry with increased visibility of traffic, critical data, as well as process automation. Ivanti helps customers respond to customer demand and market changes, comply with regulations, and provide the entire organization – with significantly reduced costs. As Ivanti calls it with the help of Power of Unified IT.

The Upstream ICT Alliance provides information security & data protection solutions in the CEE & SEE region. Together with integrator partners and with the support of vendors, we can help you with proper project planning, design and implementation to scale and cost-effectively improve your business operations.

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