IoT & Smart Solutions

IoT value Added Partner for the Telecom Provider’s Sales Channel

Utilize on the latest technology trends in IoT, IIoT, and solutions optimized for all customer niches: retail, smart home, small business and enterprise customers.

By partnering with Upstream ICT Alliance – Telco providers, ISP’s and CSP’s are receiving unique market differentiation, which is helping them to reach a significantly broader customer base and gain required market reach and exposure.

Supporting the most important KPIs for the Telco Industry 

Subscriber Acquisition Cost & Average Return per User
When considering metrics to measure SAC, naturally there are many layers. Aside from resources spent on marketing and advertising for reaching out to new subscribers, Telco’s should consider commissioning costs to the already existing customer base, as well as the giveaways and other costs involved with actually onboarding new customers.

Make smarter business decisions with IoT Smart Home Solutions for SOHO / SMB Customers, and with Industry 4.0 IoT Solutions for Enterprise Customers. Find out how we’re helping the Telco industry to benefit the current technology advancements in order to grow relationships with existing customers, to gain new customers and to keep relevant KPI metrics within thresholds.

IoT market trends analysis that we’re dedicated to, is being intelligently used by our Telco partners as powerful business tools for their cross-sell & upsell activities toward existing and new SOHO, SMB and Enterprise customers.

The consumer IoT market is expected to register a healthy CAGR of ~22% during the forecast period of 2020-2025.
IoT technology has become a milestone for smart home solution development, and in addition Industry 4.0 and IoT are now already at the center of new technological approaches for smart factory automation.

We present you with premium smart home and Industry 4.0 enterprise IoT solutions, specially tailored to align with Telco’s offering and campaigning, while supporting better customer reach and market exposure.

IoT Smart Home Solutions for SOHO / SMB Customers

Indoor IoT Camera

IoT Video DoorBell

Pan/Tilt IoT Camera

Amongst IoT smart home devices, product segments set for the highest growth are smart home IoT cameras and video doorbells. Over the years, we developed strong relationship partnerships with top-tier vendors for Smart Home IoT solutions. Today, we’re enabling our Telco partners throughout the SEE & CEE region with these edge-cutting, next-gen IoT smart home products, as an ideal fit cross-sell solution for enrichment of their SOHO and SMB customer offerings.

Cameras and Video DoorBells are equipped with 32GB MicroSD cards for local storage. Cloud storage is also available.
Other products within the smart home niche are also available, such as smart lightning, smart switches, smart bulbs,..

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Industry 4.0 IIoT Solutions for Enterprise Customers

Telcos, ISP’s and CSP’s are considering Upstream ICT Alliance as the #1 value added partner, as we’re supporting a complete domain of cross-sell, upsell and recurring revenue opportunities for Telco sales channel – from home and SMB, all the way to the Industry and Enterprise customers.

Together with our globally leading IoT vendors and with experienced industrial IoT integrator partners we forged out an unique, comprehensive set of industrial IoT offerings, specially designed for Telco’s enterprise customers within manufacturing, industry and city infrastructure domain:

Next Generation Environmental Monitoring

Turnkey platform solution designed for continuous monitoring of important environmental parameters like air and water quality and noise.
This Industry 4.0 IoT solution is supported for indoor and outdoor applications including among others – public areas, industrial sites and traffic sites.
End-to-end solution consists out of connected devices equipped with sensors for measurement of the concentration of different parameters in the air, water and soil, as well as noise level.

Safety Tracking for Workers and Forklift Machinery

Industry 4.0 IIoT solution for workers and overall safety automation within an industrial site. With features like real-time location tracking, history movement tracking, last known location,.. Incident management procedure is now an automated process, while worker safety is significantly increased.
These edge-cutting IoT solutions are embedding forklift movement with workers safety, and thru platform initiating lowering speed and/or stopping forklifts if a hazardous nearby situation between worker and forklift machine occurs.

Performance Tracking for Employees in Manufacturing & Healthcare

Industry 4.0 IIoT solution for automating workflows and daily business operations.
Detection of employee changing location, Duration within a zone, Out of zone tolerance, Geo-fencing and/or Social distancing violation alerts,.. are just some of the features designed for manufacturing sites, used by best in the class such as Ford, Mercedes, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Arcelik, Schindler, Lesaffre, UPS,..
This performance tracking solution helps instantiate better workflows across the site, identify weak spots, for example, places where workers spend too much time, out of their production area, and helps control the costs related to non-efficient workforce. In addition, social distancing IoT management panel is helping these large enterprise customers to minimize the infection rates, and  to keep fully functioning teams.

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Environment

This Industry 4.0 IIOT solution is addressing machinery and equipment efficiency improvement opportunities with digital process control and monitoring.
Features like Machine uptime & working hours monitoring, Supervision of machine energy consumption and Product counting probe are supporting on a new and automated way advanced management of productivity and energy consumption across the manufacturing facility. Monitoring of active and reactive power, as well as the ability to manage centrally machines uptime and production rates, is crucial for large manufacturing environment, as this Industry 4.0 IoT solution is providing  significant cost savings and production process optimization.

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Alliance Support for Telco Partners

Partner program optimized to align with Telco sales processes. As we’re covering offerings toward the full spectrum of Telco customers – SOHO, SMB and Enterprise – we’re focusing on providing added value to our Telco Partners:

IoT Smart Home Solutions sales training designed for dedicated Telco sales teams for SOHO and SMB customers.

Industry 4.0 IoT Solutions sales & technical training designed for dedicated Telco sales teams for Enterprise customers.

Industry 4.0 IoT Solutions professional implementation, customer training, and maintenance support for Enterprise customers.

Operational consulting services for further development trends of IoT and IIoT for smart home and industry 4.0 viable cross-sell & up-sell telco solutions. Our extensive, over 15 years long experience, in the international telecommunications industry, and with key players such as Deutsche Telekom, Motorola Solutions, Ericsson, Open Networking Foundation and others, can support your business operations, sustainable growth and needed market differentiation.

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