Open Networking

Open Networking

Open Networking

For years now, large operators and companies with large data centers (hyperscalers) have been enjoying the benefits of open networking. Automated and accelerated operations with increased network capacities and with enabled dynamically creation of innovative services; Greater control over the development of advanced network services, flexibility of cooperation with best-in-class suppliers; Reduction of network equipment procurement costs, and reduction of operating costs;
These open networking benefits are now scalable and have become available to many other companies and organizations.
Today, Open Networking effectively addresses the need of companies and telecommunications service providers for a new central architecture, for the delivery of manageable professional services, for advanced monitoring, network telemetry and analytics, as well as for the Internet exchange.

What exactly is Open Networking, and the Disaggregated Network concept?

It’s easiest to explain by example: In the world of the servers, you buy a physical unit of a server separately from the operating system that will run on that server. Companies can use these server hardware platforms from vendors such as HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, .. and run Microsoft, Linux or other OS software solutions on them. However, in the world of computer networks, if you buy a switch from a Cisco vendor, you must use Cisco OS for that switch (IOS, NX-OS, ..). With HP switches you have to use Comware, and with Juniper switches you buy vendor lock-in principle JUNOS software, .. etc .. Open Networking or Disaggregated Network separates hardware from software on an individual network (switch) element, while SDN (Software Defined Networking) provides the ability to separate hardware from software across the entire network ICT infrastructure. This enables network programmability top-down, in accordance with your own specific network requirements, instead of bottom-up in accordance with what is allowed by ASIC.

From a software perspective, you can now get an OS for your network environment independent of hardware vendors. So, you can enjoy the benefits of Open Networking as many other service providers do:

Elimination of extremely expensive and impractical ``vendor & ASIC lock-in`` scenarios

Significant reduction in software / maintenance / upgrade costs

Simplified network administration and management

Potential to improve the availability of professional services at cloud-like speeds

Transforming the Way the World Connects

EdgeCore Networks - Leading Open Hardware Solutions

Industry’s first open network packet transponder

Minipack – open modular platform 100G and 400G switching for data center fabric and central office

400 Gbe data center switch open bare-metal hardware

Open design cell site gateway platform

L3, L2, Web-Smart, industrial switches

Upstream ICT Alliance is distributing EdgeCore Networks open networking solutions. With over a decade of partnerships with technology and system integrator partners we deliver together leading open networking solutions that meet all functionalities necessary for CSP’s, Telco’s and for Entrprises to effectively upgrade their existing networks to CORD (Central Office Re-architecture as Datacenter). CORD combines the NVF, SDN, and cloud scalability necessary to optimize data center economy and enable cloud agility within an optimized Central Office Telecommunications solution.

EdgeCore Networks is a company wholly owned by the world’s largest ODM network manufacturer Accton Technology Corporation. The company has top 30+ years of experience in manufacturing advanced network solutions, and comprehensive patent and manufacturing capabilities.

EdgeCore Networks, as an active member of the OpenSwitch, OCP and ONF open software community, actively offers a premium choice of open source hardware solutions that provide companies and network operators with an open platform and enable incomparably more scalable further application development. This is why, when considering Open Networking – EdgeCore Networks is the number one choice for Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Telefonica, Verizon, Sprint, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Telecom Italia, China Unicom, SK Telekom… and many other key players in the telco business.

A Community of Professionals

The Upstream ICT Alliance distributes EdgeCore Networks solutions in the region of the Central and Eastern Europe, serving the end customers together with the strong support from vendors and partner system integrators.

EdgeCore Networks contributes Telecom Infra Project (TIP) hardware design for the CASSINI packet transponder – the industry’s most capacitive and first modular open-source whitebox packet transponder, providing a flexible mix of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) packet switching ports and 100/200 Gbps coherent optical interfaces data center interconnection and backhaul service operation provider. Cassini was developed by EdgeCore Networks with leading optical companies – NTT Electronics, Acacia Communications and Finisar Corporation.

EdgeCore Networks further contributes to the OCP (Open Compute Project) Foundation and hardware design for the disaggregated 10G PON OLT. Industrially the first, whitebox OLT enables service providers to develop 10G PON services from the CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) infrastructure, thus significantly reducing equipment costs by using whitebox hardware, open source SDN (Software Designed Network), and NFV software. increases the agility of delivered services, and takes advantage of open technological innovation.

CORD (Central Office Re-architected as Data Center)
High Level Architecture

Edgecore Open Networking Products with CORD

Open Network Switch Solutions for the Telco’s, CSP’s and ISP’s

ASXvOLT16 – 16 XFP ports supporting 10G XGS-PON or NG-PON2 + 4 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 uplinks
AS7716-24SC – Open packet transponder, integrating 100G packet switching and coherent optical ports
AS7816-64X – 100GbE Data Center Switch – 64-Port 100G QSFP28 switch

AS7712-32X – 100GbE Data Center Switch – 32-Port 100G QSFP28 switch

AS6812-32X – 40GbE Data Center Switch – 32-Port 40G QSFP+ switch

AS5912-54X – 10GbE Data Center Switch – 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x100G QSFP+ uplinks

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