UPSTREAM ICT ALLIANCE is promoting carefully selected high-end vendors that are globally-leading suppliers of advanced technology solutions to telecom companies, telecommunications service providers, CSP’s and to large corporate and industrial companies.

With strong vendor support, as well as in collaboration with authorized and trained system integrators, we offer the innovative Open Networking solutions based on Software-Defined Networking technology. With vendors in this domain, for customers in the CEE & SEE region, we provide unprecedented scalability and flexibility in data center operations, with a significant reduction of up to 40% of CAPEX and OPEX costs.

We have also focused our portfolio of distribution brands on the correspondent cyber security segment, within which we also cooperate with globally-leading technology providers. State-of-the-art technological and SW solutions in the field of Privileged Access Management Security, IT Asset & Service Management and Phishing Prevention solutions are available on the market.

The vast majority of Medium and Large companies from all vertical markets use these solutions to automate and improve the operations of their IT departments, and at the same time to insure against exposure to cyber security risks that are growing at a galloping pace.

Upstream ICT Alliance with 10+ years of experience in the market, pays great attention toward the relationships with the customer, with the market and with partners with whom it builds long-term-growing relations. In accordance with the business policy focused on providing support in the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of advanced HW and SW solutions, we care very much about improving the knowledge of all parties involved in the business partnership.

We believe that the value of a qualitative business relationship with customers and partners is much higher than the value that the realization of the business project itself brings. In this regard, you can start cooperation with us through a partnership program in which you can enjoy the following benefits:


Organization of in-depth presentations and professional trainings within the Upstream ICT Alliance training center; Manufacturer’s online training and certification programs; Presentations of specific HW and SW solutions; Specially defined training programs for end customers – users, and for integrator partners. Take advantage of the knowledge base and master technology that brings you significant savings, process automation, and flexibility in data center operations.


Our customers can rely on significant demo stock equipment, as well as on appliance devices with Open Networking OS installed, but also on other HW and SW kits where they can first test the capabilities, as well as practical application in their specific data center environment, before they decide to procure.


The realization of the Proof of Concept and pilot project is the way we work. After getting acquainted with the technology and advantages through presentations and professional trainings, and after testing a specific technological HW / SW solution through the demo-specific solution creation, we are at your disposal together with vendors and integrator partners to specify requirements, implement Proof of Concept and pilot project, in accordance with your specific project requirements.


In the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and in cooperation with the network of vendors and integrator partners, we organize operational consulting services for all customers, for their needs on the projects in planning, or for the projects that are already up and running and having the need for radical technological upgrade. Consideration of all aspects of the project, creation of project and road map documentation, recommendations of several different solutions for implementation, help and support in choosing a solution, partner integrator and control of the project process in all phases of the project.


In the business relationships we create with customers – continuity is equally important and relevant to all parties involved. Professional support, which does not stop at the moment of project realization, best shows our attitude towards the market, which we develop together with our partners. System maintenance and system solutions, HW and SW upgrades, are an important segment of our business, especially in the field of Open Networking and SDN technologies. In this segment, together with vendors and authorized integrators, we provide comprehensive support to customers and their data center operations.

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