Trainings and Certification Programs

Trainings and Certification Programs

Technology is constantly changing the way we organize business operations, and the way we interact in both the business and private environments. The IT departments of large companies best understand the importance of technological change and how it reflects on increasing operational and business efficiency if employees are educated and able to keep up with change. On the other hand, operational and business efficiency can be lost even easier and faster, simply by not showing interest in new technologies, processes and training of professional employees in this domain.

In order to constantly improve the level of knowledge and education – for the needs of our regional market, potential customers and integrator partners have at their disposal the Upstream ICT Alliance training center, so that they can contact us for group or individual training programs and trainings, as well as manufacturer certifications.

The special focus of the Alliance Academy is on Open Networking and Software-Defined Networking training programs, where we have several training options – in stand-alone, or in joint performance with vendors whose distributors we are, depending on the number of registered participants. Also, these training programs are available in an online instructor-led format, which greatly helps customers from our region to participate and align these training programs with their obligations.

Alliance academy

Globally the largest supplier of standardized hardware solutions for Open Networking. Bare-metal / white-box network switches, packet transponders, accompanying network equipment for telecom companies, medium and large companies and industries.
EdgeCore Networks, as an active member of the OpenSwitch, OCP and ONF open software community, actively offers a choice of open source software solutions that provide companies and network operators with an open platform and enable incomparably more scalable further application development.

IP Infusion as one of the SDN pioneers today develops large projects with telco operators around the world. They supply a premium network OS for white box switches and for network virtualization. Scalability for Cloud Data Center and for data center interconnect needs. SDN paired with NFV is a key technology to meet these new and growing needs. The SDN is only one part of the whole picture. Network Virtualization (NV), Software-Defined Network (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NVF), as well as bare-metal / white-box switch devices together allow telco companies a completely new way to design, develop and maintain the network and its services.

Centrify redefines conventional Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege
to secure modern corporate environments and to stop cyber attacks at their root – by abusing privileged approaches. Zero Trust Privilege professional services help companies and organizations approve the least privileged approach based on verification of who is seeking access, the context of the request, and risk assessment of the access environment.

Ivanti is a company headquartered in Salt Lake City, US, in the region also known as the “next Silicon Valley”. Employing over 1,700 people, Ivanti IT software is used today by 78 Fortune 100 companies. The company’s IT departments use Ivanti to combine internal IT service management, asset management, IT security, endpoint management and supply chain capabilities.

Manufacturer of advanced networking solutions specially optimized for the physical security – IP video surveillance industry.
The product portfolio is designed for high-end video surveillance applications such as those in industrial and critical infrastructure facilities. In addition to the standard 5/8/16/24-port unmanaged PoE switches, Aetek also offers a unique series of L2 Smart and L2 + manageable switches with serious DMS (Device Management Software). DMS greatly simplifies installation and management through a user-friendly user interface, allowing PoE switches to easily control ONVIF compatible IP cameras.

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