IP Infusion

IP Infusion

Top-tier open network OS for white box switches and for network virtualization
Scalability for Cloud Data Center and for data center interconnect needs

IP Infusion helps customers develop a hyperscale cloud infrastructure using the standards of CLOS architecture and data center interconnectivity using converged packages / optical systems.

Internet eXchange Challenges

Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s) are the fibers where internet service providers, telco companies, as well as other internet companies come to exchange large amounts of traffic. IXPs are usually implemented as very simple layer-2 domains to which customers connect with BGP routers and exchange layer-3 IP traffic. IXP fibers are constantly growing and as a result broadcast and other modes of traffic are also growing.
In order to overcome the challenges of managing large layer 2 networks and to achieve scalability, security needs of members, IXP companies are experiencing the evolution of their network architecture to be ready for future traffic growth.

Solution – Development of Scalable IXP Using OcNOS

The solution lies in the ability to develop scalable fibers using disaggregated hardware and software, taking advantage of control plane software for better scaling, security, and management. Using OcNOS, Internet eXchange companies can build highly scalable 100G interconnect fibers, to connect multiple distributed locations. The solution uses control plane learning using EVPN, as well as network segmentation and virtualization using VXLAN, multihoming for redundancy, ACL / QoS policies for detailed control of members’ network traffic, and support for sFLow automation management. With the trainings we organize at Upstream ICT Alliance training center, you can get complete explanation of how to build a scalable IXP using OcNOS.

Upstream ICT Alliance is distributing IP Infusion solutions across our region supporting customers with open networking and new age solutions. Together with integrator partners and with strong vendor support, we can help you with proper project planning, design and implementation, so you can truly scale, build and deploy on a cost-effective way your IXP / Open Networking project.

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