Manufacturer of advanced network solutions, specially optimized for the IP video surveillance industry. The product portfolio is designed for high-end video surveillance applications such as those in industrial and critical infrastructure facilities. In addition to the standard 5/8/16/24-port unmanaged PoE switches, Aetek also offers a unique series of L2 Smart and L2 + manageable switches with DMS (Device Management Software). DMS greatly simplifies installation and management through a user-friendly user interface, allowing PoE switches to easily control ONVIF compatible IP cameras. Additionally, industrial outdoor 5/8-port switches with 30W PoE and 60W UPoE, with their own integrated power supply, surge protection, and industrial outdoor mount box are an exceptional solution for projects that are realized in extreme weather and environments.

To improve installation efficiency, Aetek also offers innovative 1-1 and 1-2 indoor and outdoor PoE extenders, which are able to deliver 95W / 60W / 30W PoE, thus extending the operating range of high-power devices such as SpeedDome cameras for video surveillance, or public display monitors e.g.

In addition to a complete portfolio of switches, Aetek also produces state-of-the-art box camera housings, even those equipped with dimensional varifocal 8-80mm lenses. In addition to the 24VAC models, Aetek’s 95W PoE chassis models can be operated via a single Ethernet cable, powering the camera, but also the functions of the glass defogger housing, cold-start, fan, IR illuminator and wiper on the housing glass – all at the same time. Additional water tanks with mechanisms, as well as the entire other set of accessories are available within the AETEK solutions for network installations.

Upstream ICT Alliance is distributing Aetek solutions across our region. Together with integrator partners and with strong vendor support, we can help you with proper project planning, design and implementation, so you can truly scale, build and deploy on a cost-effective way the networking environment for your modern surveillance solution.

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